New Battleground: Amherst charter debate takes it to YouTube

AMHERST — When you’re streaming music from YouTube because you don’t pay for Spotify Premium, or trying to watch your favorite YouTuber without the help of ad blockers, you may have seen five seconds of the Amherst charter proposal before you impatiently clicked “SKIP AD”.

The four minute ad you skipped is a promotion called “Is It Time for Amherst to Update Its Government” published by the pro-charter group, Amherst For All. It has amassed nearly 50 thousand views since late January.

The video features a whiteboard-style hand-drawn animation with a male narrator explaining their case for a government overhaul.

As the March 27 voting day approaches, the opposition group Not This Charter! rebutted with a parody video of their own called, “Town Meeting Works: Vote NO on the Charter“.

They claimed, “You might have seen the ad with the smooth male voice and some drawings telling you why on march 27th you should vote YES on the charter. But they got few things wrong.”

Watch both ads (if they haven’t crept up on your YouTube account already).