Sustainability Fest an educational affair


N.J. Park

AMHERST — Amherst held its 9th annual Sustainability Festival on a windy Saturday. Tents ranged from accessory vendors, action organizations, and businesses.

“At the heart, this really is an education event. It’s an opportunity for the residents to learn about sustainable living,” said Stephanie Ciccarello, Amherst’s sustainability coordinator. She said that the event, originally called Renewable Energy Fair, is a combined celebration of Earth Day and Arbor Day.

Lenore Bryck of Climate Action Now anchored down her flyers and pamphlets with rocks as she withstood the gusting wind.

“Our goal today is to be introduced and call to action. You can act right now, do as little or as much as you can,” Bryck said.

(Brian Choquet/Amherst Independent)

At the heart of the common, electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts showcased their Tesla and Chevy Volt vehicles. One of the owner of the Tesla Model S, Jeff Benny of Worcester, said that his desire to reduce his carbon footprint and his towering 6-foot-7 frame are the reasons why he purchased the spacious luxury EV.

Attendees were even encouraged to take a Chevy for a spin.

Vendors also looked to cash in on homemade recipes, soaps, and unique handcrafts, like bows and shakers from Central Africa.