The best of Dessert Crawl


Jill Webb

The streets of Amherst were lined with sweets for the town’s annual Dessert Crawl on April 21.

The crawl took place throughout downtown between 1 and 4 p.m. For $10, attendees strolled through Amherst during the breezy afternoon, getting 10 different desserts from 10 different locations. It was a pretty sweet deal (no pun intended).

The crawl was co-hosted by the Amherst Business Improvement District and the University of Massachusetts Amherst sorority Phi Sigma Pi. All the proceeds benefited Reader to Reader, a nonprofit organization committed to helping improve literacy resources across the country.

After much deliberation, and while all the desserts were tasty, I have reached a definitive ranking of each of the ten treats from the crawl.

10. Bart’s Ice Cream

This is really my own fault, not Bart’s. It was towards the end of the crawl, and my stomach was getting full from a mixture of gooey dough, chocolate, and way too much sugar. Nevertheless, she persisted.

I wanted to go for a lighter option, so I gravitated towards the sorbets, and order a Margarita-flavored sorbet. Instant regret. Way too much like a margarita, but not in a good way. My boyfriend’s mocha option was way tastier – and I don’t even like coffee ice cream.

9. Tandem Bagel at Amherst Visitors Center

While buying our tickets at the visitors center, this cutely packaged rice Krispie treat from Tandem Bagel was the first treat of the crawl. It was more like a consolation prize to the crawl, though it was very delicious. Then again, that may have been just because we were starving.

8. The Pub

I think The Pub’s apple crisp would’ve been ranked higher if the server distributing it wasn’t battling so hard to squirt the whipped cream bottle. It really infringed on that whipped cream to apple ratio, which is super important.

In my opinion, it was too fall flavored for a springtime event. They also had bread pudding, which my boyfriend thought was sub-par.

7. Glazed Doughnut Shop

You can’t deny the delight of this classic doughnut, especially at Glazed, but the portion size really dropped its ranking. Half a doughnut? And only one doughnut option? You can do better, Glazed.

6. Chez Albert


Macarons get bonus points for being aesthetically pleasing. I was super excited for these, but the taste fell a little bit short. I got the raspberry macaron, and my boyfriend tried the caramel. I do give Chez Albert credit for trying something a little out-of-the-box.

5. Insomnia Cookies

As an Insomnia Cookies lover, this was an exciting stop. The cookies are always scrumptious. But can we stop pretending that paying $1.70 to $3.40 per cookie isn’t the world’s biggest rip-off? I’m still going to, though.

You had a choice of any of the traditional cookies, and I went with the always delightful M&Ms option, though I kind of regret not taking a chance on the new key lime cookie.

4. Oriental Flavor

Oriental Flavor literally gave you a whole meal. Not pictured is the egg roll I was too impatient to wait for. Besides the egg roll, a stop at Oriental Flavor included a vegetarian dumpling, a chicken dumpling, and a sesame bun. Despite it not being a dessert, the vegetarian dumpling had so much flavor I need to rave about it. The sesame bun was perfectly gooey, complete with a delicious filling.

3. Henion Bakery

The Henion Bakery is just so cute. The quaint shop offered up one of the day’s most interesting desserts: a blueberry sour cream coffee cake. With a little bit of powdered sugar on top, the cake was airy, fruity, and fresh-tasting. Definitely something I would go back for!

2. La Veracruzana

Flan is so underrated. This Mexican tres leches flan from La Veracruzana was super sweet and the cake was moist enough to just melt in your mouth. It was a small portion, but the richest of the desserts would be too much to handle any more of.

When I get Mexican food, I usually am too full for dessert. After tasting this, I might have to save some room in the future. Margaritas and tres leches are the new margaritas and tacos.

1. GoBerry

I really didn’t think frozen yogurt would top this list, but here we are.

GoBerry was all about pleasing the customer during the crawl, which really adds to landing it the top spot. Attendees got a choice of three to four flavors (I choose Raspberry and my boyfriend got Nutella) and you could pick any topping you wanted, and they had a ton of options. The portions were also really big.

It was honestly exhilarating because frozen yogurt is usually weighted, and that can really add up. Overall, my sweet tooth was satisfied by the end of the crawl.